Child Support Calculator


In Florida, parents of children are obligated to provide support for their children. This obligation cannot be waived by the parties or the court, as it is the right of the child born to the parties. Judges in Florida are unable to approve of an agreement that involves children but fails to provide for child support in accordance with the relevant Florida Statutes. For purposes of calculating child support, Florida courts must employ the guidelines as provided in Florida Statute 61.30.

Florida follows an “Income Responsibility Model” for determining child support. This means that courts will attempt to estimate the amount of money the parents would have spent on their children if they remained together and were not divorcing. This amount is then divided between the two parents, based on their incomes. Generally speaking, this is how child support is determined.

As mentioned above, Florida courts look to the Florida Child Support Guidelines, found at Florida Statute 61.30, to guide them in crafting a child support order. The amount of support determined under the statute is a presumptive amount. This means that, in most circumstances, the court must order the amount provided for in the guidelines.

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