Why Choose Our Family Law Solicitors And Divorce Lawyers?

The name that resonates with practically countless individuals looking for assistance in their family disputes, civil cases, and divorce proceedings in Melbourne is The Law Office of John Vernon Moore, P.A and that is all for some valid reasons that are given below.

Big But Closely Knit
The first thing that you will notice about The Law Office of John Vernon Moore, P.A, is that it is a big but very close-knit family. Yes, we all are very much aligned when it comes to our principles and ethics. Our family attorneys and divorce lawyers are counted among the best in Melbourne for this very reason. We are a team of highly skilled and well-experienced family solicitors. We believe that the best way to maintain our work ethic and stay up to date with your case is to stay connected with you always and give you the most personal service a team can give. When you come to Mr. J Moore with your problems, you can rest assured that you will be associating with a fully confident attorney/solicitor for your needs. They will give it 100% at all times.

How We Are Different
Our clients say that and we just don’t disagree, the smart move isn’t it? They say this from their heart but we know that we just do our job right. What makes us genuinely different from other law firms or Divorce Lawyers in Melbourne is the fact that we can show compassion and empathy and mean it. We treat your problems as ours and for this, we hire the best applicants from the leading law schools of the country who have the upbringing and conditioning that enable them to understand how difficult it is for you when you see your relationships on the verge of breaking. We lend a shoulder not just to lean on but to trust when times are hard. We are there when you are going through a rough emotional rollercoaster ride. Having an understanding lawyer is as good as having your best friend around and we understand that.

Family Lawyer

We Offer Free Consultation

You can get a FREE consultation over a coffee or tea, whichever you prefer but the cookies to go with them will be our choice. Our family solicitors will make sure that you don’t feel shy or hesitate in asking even the most trivial questions. They will make sure to understand the case well and also assist you in finding the best solution to it without any delays. You don’t have to worry about any expenses or charges later on as well. If you are not satisfied with our consultation and approach, you are most welcome to look around for other more suitable options.

You Are Talking To The Experts In The Field
You will have access to the best lawyers and the best advice. Our teams are among the most experienced ones in all of Melbourne and they will ensure that you are being represented by someone who is highly and appropriately skilled and equally trustworthy. They will have the required specialization to deal with specific problems being faced by you as well.

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